David Beasley Provides Technical Writing for $48M Contract Win

Proposal Role:
Technical Solution Advisor and Contributor, Past Performance Lead, and Graphic Designer.

Press Release:
Tampa, FL, March 20, 2013 – Vykin Corporation has been awarded a multi-year 48 million dollar contract by the DISA, Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS) Program Management Office (PMO). This award marks Vykin’s first prime contract win and the “beginning of a new phase of growth and maturity for the organization,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Ed Bachl. Mr. Bachl went on to say, “The selection of Vykin to carry out this important work along with our strategic partners, SRA International and Trace Systems, is a validation of years of internal development and industry partnering. Our every success up to now is attributable to the talents and hard work of the individuals that make up Vykin Corporation. I am certain that will continue to be the case as we begin to support DISA in the coming years.”

Within the scope of this contract Vykin will provide engineering and sustainment support for a wide range of program management, technical, research and development, procurement and operations/maintenance services in support of the development, implementation and maintenance of the MNIS Combined Enterprise Regional Information eXchange System (CENTRIXS). The Vykin Team will support regular operations and maintenance of CENTRIXS capabilities at various locations throughout the US and overseas.

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